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Try a Photo Booth Rental for Your Next Event

Are you preparing for an event? Maybe it’s a large anniversary celebration in your organization. Perhaps you will be celebrating your or your child’s birthday soon. Do you plan to hold a kid’s party themed for a pirate or a princess? Maybe it has been months since you started preparing …

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Renting a Photo Booth for Your Wedding. Hot Trends of 2017.

Here’s Why You Should Rent a Photo Booth for Your Wedding Aside from lovely decorations and stunning dresses and tux, one thing that modern weddings should not be without is a photo booth. Photo booths are a must-have to give wedding guests a chance to goof around and capture memories …

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LED Shoes. Are They the New Fad of 2017?

We all remember how much fun life was when we were kids. There was no worry about paying bills, going to work, or dealing with any of the other adult responsibilities that currently weigh us down. So sometimes it is a good thing to allow ourselves to escape from the …

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Latest Tablet Tech

These days, a lot of people invest on tablets in order to connect with other people, and have access to the internet. Over the years, a number of technologies have been applied on the latest tablets that made them even more sophisticated. For instance, processors are more powerful than ever. …

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Films and Entertainment. What Makes Movies Great?

Since the dawn of time people have been telling stories as a form of entertainment and passing of knowledge. With the invention of the television, we now will all gather in the living room to listen to these stories instead of around a circle in the middle of camp. We …

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Entertainment Technologies and How They Will Advance in 2017

How Has Entertainment Changed with Technology? Throughout the last century, there have been so many technological breakthroughs that everything in our daily lives now revolves around some sort of tech. Before we had hours of entertainment at the touch of a button, we had just the basics. You could maybe …

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