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Want to Slow Your Age? Here’s How

As time passes, everybody ages and who wouldn’t give up a fortune to stay young forever. That would be a dream come true for many who are troubled by their age. What If I told, something like this is possible? Well, you can’t actually stop the aging process but there is a possibility to slow it down. People have spent a reasonable amount of money investing in different kinds of products in order to look young and none of them have succeeded so far. The very first condition is to provide your body all of the nutrients it needs. And there are certain special food items that are rich in all of those.

Here’s a list of the foods that you can eat to achieve that young age and slow it down.

CamuCamu Berries

There are many berries that are heard of like the Goji berries or Acai berries, however, the CamuCamue berry is relatively lesser known. It comes from the Amazon forest and is known for its high Vitamin C contingent. Vitamin C is known to keep the cold away while it is also associated with fresh, smooth and hydrated skin.

Reishi Mushroom

 Many of us like eating mushrooms but let me assure you’d probably fall in love with the Reishi Mushroom by just listening to the benefits it provides. This particular type of mushroom is regarded as the best super food there is. Known for its anticancer properties and anti-aging, it has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.


These algae might look the prettiest because of the green color but it is very beneficial for your health. It’s rich Vitamin A and E which are good for your skin. It also has the ability to get rid of any excess waste or toxins that you might have in your body. It also has antioxidant properties. So what are your waiting for, add it to your diet and see the anti-aging process begin?


Well everybody loves chocolates, don’t they? Well, cacao in its natural form is probably one of the most beneficial foods for your body. It has a high quantity of nutrients that can battle against free radicals that you might have been exposed to from the sun, stress or any toxin that might be in the environment.

Free radicals can damage your physical appearance and make you look older, however, Cacao you can avoid all of that. You can use Cacao as a food by mixing it in your cupcakes while most commonly people apply cacao as a topping.