April 14, 2017 11:37 am

Things to Remember Before Booking a Photo Booth Rental

Have you ever tried running out of time for your preparations for
an event, that you forgot to buy take-home souvenirs? Or maybe, you
had enough time to prepare but you didn’t have enough money to purchase

With the advent of modern technology (i.e. digital photography), these problems
(and more) can now be solved through photo booth rentals for events! Nowadays, they
have become extremely popular especially since it is the simplest and most
cost-efficient way to keep memories alive! Many gatherings, may it be personal or
corporate, have already taken advantage of this concept due to the simplicity
of its set-up.

Photo booths for birthdaysWhy Book a Photobooth Rental?

A basic photobooth rental set-up usually involves a combination of elements such as lights,
background and a camera (with lens) which has a programmed setting, however, recent trends
have made the booths more interactive with users (guests) as props, a remote and a set of
instructions have been made available for them to operate the booth on their own.
Pictures are then usually shown in monitor for reviewing before printing, which is why
it is becoming more and more popular. This is because:

(1) It makes event organization easier, since you won’t have to think
takehome souvenirs.
(2) It keeps your guests occuppied during an event while you are doing something
(3) A picture is worth a thousand words – it keeps memories alive, especially if
you only have a limited number of photographers during an event.
(4) Prices vary on which package you will avail, but the basic packages are usually
not expensive.

The aforementioned reasons make photobooth rental more prominent. And with its increasing
popularity, people are now scrambling to book one without doing their own research!
Determining which type of photobooth you desire is essential, especially since there
are different packages which cater to specific events.

Different Types of Photobooth Are Available

There are several types of photobooth, but the most common ones are the enclosed ones, which
use kiosks and curtains for indoor events, and the open ones which are more suitable for
outdoor events. Ultimately, you must consider the nature of your event whenever you choose
the type of photobooth you want to avail.

Choosing a Photobooth Rental Service Provider

While price is an important factor in choosing a photobooth rental, it is not enough
as a main basis for booking one. You must remember that you may not get what you will pay for
if you book based on the price alone. Before you book, you must check with people you know
any good photobooth rentals that they have tried while comparing the cost of packages
between different service providers. When availing a package, you must take note
of the size of the photos that the provider has to offer, its print size, number of copies
and restrictions.Photo booths for company events

Renting Your Booth

Ultimately, photobooth rental for events is gaining prominence for a variety of reasons, and
most of these reasons emphasizes its convenience. Before you book a rental, you must
consider the type of photobooth you want to avail, as well as the packages of service providers.
Take note that not all cheap rentals can give you the service that you expected, emphasizing
the need to research prior to availing a service.

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February 15, 2017 10:47 am

Try a Photo Booth Rental for Your Next Event

Are you preparing for an event? Maybe it’s a large anniversary celebration in your organization. Perhaps you will be celebrating your or your child’s birthday soon. Do you plan to hold a kid’s party themed for a pirate or a princess? Maybe it has been months since you started preparing for the biggest day of your life, your wedding day. Make these special celebrations extra special and memorable with a photo booth!

Photo booth rentals are now available almost everywhere. Try Inside Out Booth photo booth rentals for your next celebration.

Why Should You Rent a Photo Booth for Your Next Celebration?

They add life and hours of fun and excitement to any event. They can give opportunities through a network of people. Here are the reasons why you should rent a photo booth for one of your next events.


Photos Can Be a an Opportunity for Networking

Guests at any party aren’t always familiar with one another. They usually mingle amongst those of whom they know and avoid those they do not. They might not want to socialize and interact with new acquaintances because of some sort of social barrier. With photo booths, this social barrier suddenly breaks because of the unexpected fun they will bring. People start getting to know each other, have few conversations about personal experiences, and the chance to build new networks.

Easy to Set up Makes These Convenient

When you do decide on a photo booth rental, you don’t have to do anything to help set it up. They can be set up in any corner at your event. There are also choices to customize your booth by selecting your preferred backgrounds and graphics according to the theme. It is all up to your preference, and they can offer it.


A Perfect Add-On for Large Events

Photo booths are perfect either for solo or group pictures. Weddings, company anniversaries, and other celebrations are a perfect place to bond with your family and friends. Take photos with them in the booth and bring them home as memorable souvenirs. Not only do the guests get to keep their fun photos; you can compile the photos into a slide show because they will either be uploaded online or compiled on a CD for you.

They Let Guests Feel Welcomed

In any event, guests want to feel that they are involved. Rather than just sitting around and chit-chatting with new acquaintances, guests can have more valuable interactions with each other while taking photos.

Market Your Brand

During corporate events, you can customize these to your own preference and add your company name and logo on the templates for the photo souvenirs of the guests. Also, snapshots taken can be uploaded to your company page online, and more people will visit your website. Plus, guests would grab their photos online and upload them to their social media accounts with your company brand, widening the range of your audience.

Add more fun and excitement, expand your network, and market your brand, all of this is possible by renting photo booths for your events.

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February 13, 2017 11:23 am

Renting a Photo Booth for Your Wedding. Hot Trends of 2017.

Here’s Why You Should Rent a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

Aside from lovely decorations and stunning dresses and tux, one thing that modern weddings should not be without is a photo booth. Photo booths are a must-have to give wedding guests a chance to goof around and capture memories with loved ones. Without these to capture wacky and endearing poses, weddings would not be the same. Here are five reasons why you absolutely need to have a photo booth for your wedding:

Convenient and Easy

Some couples opt to do DIY photo booths, but not everyone has the luxury of time to make their own. Setting up your own photo booth requires time, energy, and resources – things that are so rare and valuable when planning for a wedding. To make your life easier, photo booth rentals are definitely the way to go. You can book a photo booth online or ask your friends or family if they know of a great photo booth rental near you. Photo booth rentals are often small local businesses, so it is not going to be hard to look for them.

Rent a Photo Booth For Your Next Party

Keeps Guests Entertained

Photo booths for wedding receptions are in demand because they keep wedding guests thoroughly entertained. While they are waiting for the ceremony or reception to start, they can mingle and have fun taking pictures. Photo booths often come with creative and quirky props like weird hats, cardboard posters with funny statements, masks, and many others. Technologies used in professional photo booths can also easily apply funny effects or fascinating backgrounds on images. The fun is limitless!

Photos Serve as Amazing Souvenirs

Choose a Photo Booth Rental For Your Next EventPeople love photos because they capture precious, once-in-a-lifetime memories. Weddings are extra special events that guests want to remember. Aside from the souvenirs that you prepared for them, photos are a great way to give guests something to remember your wedding by. Moreover, since photo booth rentals are handled by professionals, the technologies used are always top-notch, so the photos will always look crystal clear and well-lit.

Photo Booth Professionals are Friendly

Since photo booth rentals mostly rely on word of mouth and happy client reviews, most of them are approachable and flexible to meet your needs. They listen to your requests and meet you halfway if there’s anything you need from them. The staff that they task to handle the photo booth on your special day itself are also competent, know how to handle the tools they have, and being good with guests, ensuring an enjoyable and hassle-free experience for you and your guests.

Let Guests Easily Share Their Moments on Social Media

Photo booth rentals also upload photos on their Facebook page or other social media accounts. Guests can then search for their photos and share them on their own page. This saves you and your guests time and effort in uploading photos on social media because the photo booth you rented will do it for you.

These are just some of the reasons why weddings should have a great photo booth. Book the best photo booth rental now and add some more excitement to your special day.

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February 8, 2017 12:06 pm

The LED Shoe Craze

Have you seen some of those flashing shoes on the dance floor? Are they real?

If you are an adult in your late 20’s, you might have felt nostalgia seeing these shoes come back to like again. And if you belong to the younger generation, then you may want to try the fun of wearing these LED shoes.

What is a LED Shoe

LED shoes, also known as electric shoes or simply e-shoes is now trending in the shoe world today. But do you know that it is not new?

LED shoes, or light-up shoes as people used to call it back in the days, were the craze in the 90’s. Every kid has to have at least a pair of it which was sold at $50. It drew an attraction from the kids and soon, high school and junior high students start wearing them.

Unfortunately, the light-up shoes started its downfall when it was known to have high levels of mercury in its batteries making it unsafe to use. The people, especially the parent feared of the danger the light-up shoes can cause their children. Minnesota even banned the selling of the light-up shoes in their state. Despite the setback, sales still continued to be significantly high, until gradually it lost its face in the market.

Today, these light-up shoes came back in the market, and it gave a nostalgic feeling to adults today, who were kids then, seeing this lighted footwear. And with the many upgrades, these shoes have, who wouldn’t love it?

One Shoes, Different Color Options of Light

Unlike the old light-up shoes where there are only one or two light strobes on a pair of shoes, every pair of these footwears come in a variety of color options you can choose depending on your mood. You can wear it with yellow lights this week, and switch to blue lights on the next week.

Rechargeable Battery

You don’t have to worry about having your shoes lit up all night. The new LED shoes are powered by a rechargeable battery with a USB cable to easily charge it. Light up your bright footwear all throughout the night on the dance floor and charge it in the morning for the next party. The light-up shoes last for up to six hours and charges completely in only about 2.5 hours.

Other Features

Though not all brands of LED shoes offer these features, there are some which have light strobes and changing color strobes according to your setup. Some LED shoes are also operated through a mobile app. Lights, strobes, and other features are set up and turned on in the app. There are also some with a feature which strobes follow the beat of the music.


Unlike the light-up shoes in the 90’s, the LED shoes today are more fun, customized, and upgraded through technology. And it is mercury free, which makes it safe to use. Parents don’t need to worry about fitting these shoes to their kids. And adults who were kids when the light-up shoes were a craze love these new LED shoes even more.

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February 4, 2017 11:12 am

Good music choices for the gym

Hitting the gym can be a good thing. You can burn a lot of calories, and you can also tone your muscles. But what is the best way to get motivated for the workout? Some people say that it’s your coffee and pre-workout that can get your blood pumping. In reality, you can be doing a good workout if you have the right music. Good music choices for the gym should be fast and should keep the adrenaline up. Trap music and anything you can dance to should be the ones on your playlist.

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February 3, 2017 11:12 am

Healthy hobbies

Finding your healthy hobby can be a good thing. A lot of times, healthy hobbies don’t have to be drastic. It is possible that you start small and make sure that you make small progress. This allows you to change your body slowly. This can also be a good thing in terms of consistency because you are not putting your body into a lot of stress.

What are healthy hobbies that you need to develop? You need to eat the right food. Also, you need to sleep a good number of hours. You can also do exercises slowly.

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February 2, 2017 11:11 am

Top Movies of 2017

There are a lot of good movies coming up for 2017. In fact, there were already good ones that appeared during the first month such as Lala Land. People are also anticipating the next Star Wars movie this 2017, The Last Jedi. For Marvel fans, a lot of them are looking at Logan. Logan is an adaptation of the comic book Old Man Logan.

If you loved the first time John Wick returned to his old self by showing some kick ass moves, then you’d also love to watch John Wick part 2. Another great movie for 2017 is Alien: Covenant.

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February 1, 2017 12:27 pm

LED Shoes. Are They the New Fad of 2017?

We all remember how much fun life was when we were kids. There was no worry about paying bills, going to work, or dealing with any of the other adult responsibilities that currently weigh us down. So sometimes it is a good thing to allow ourselves to escape from the heaviness of adulthood and enjoy being a kid again, even if it is just for a little while.

Everyone remembers when he or she got his or her first pair of light up shoes. We were so excited, and couldn’t wait to show our friends. Running around any room we were in marveling at how cool our new shoes were. We wanted to compare our light up shoes to our friend’s new shoes. There was always friendly competition between us all as to who had the better pair.

As we got older, we seemed to come away from those things, or at least most of us did. Suddenly it was not about who had the latest and greatest light up shoes; it was now about who had the next game system or the newest phones. The things that were cool to us as kids were no longer as important as we moved into our teenage years.

Shoes For Children and Adults

Within the last few years, led shoes have been making a comeback. Kids are starting to ask their parents for shoes that light up again. We are getting to see their faces light up as they run around, lights flashing and smiles from ear to ear and the entertainment goes on for hours. All the while we reminisce about the fun we had being children ourselves. They are going to school and showing off their new shoes and comparing with their friends.

In the past, only kids were able to get led shoes, and being an adult now we see how unfair that is. Adults like to compare and excitedly share about their belongings just as much as kids do. Well, now adults can also get led shoes. There are many companies out there that offer light up shoes for adults, and the craze is gaining ground.

Not only are led shoes cool, and fashionable, they are also safer shoes if you are in the dark. If you are out for a jog at night wearing a pair of led shoes will make you more visible to other people who are out and also to drivers on the road. Not many people jog in the street, but if you do, making sure that you are completely visible to drivers is extremely important.

LED Shoes Will Light Up Your Night

These new led shoes are available in adult and kid sizes, and they also come in a variety of colors.

I know that we love to have the latest and greatest things, but we also love to remember our childhood. These new LED shoes are an excellent way to do both. You will be able to say that you have the newest, trendy shoes, and you will also be able to run around the room throwing lights around.

Sometimes being an adult is fun because no one can tell you what to do, and eating ice cream for dinner is a real option. However, more often than not we say we would love to be kids again, and owning a new pair of led shoes can help us begin to feel like that again.

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February 1, 2017 11:11 am

Latest Tablet Tech

These days, a lot of people invest on tablets in order to connect with other people, and have access to the internet. Over the years, a number of technologies have been applied on the latest tablets that made them even more sophisticated. For instance, processors are more powerful than ever.

These days, tablets have gone thinner and lighter. Though packing more power for its users, the tablets today are thinner and are easier to handle in your luggage. Given the mobility that is required from the tablet, people these days are enjoying tablets that are easier to carry around.

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January 28, 2017 3:20 am

Films and Entertainment. What Makes Movies Great?

Story Telling as EntertainmentSince the dawn of time people have been telling stories as a form of entertainment and passing of knowledge. With the invention of the television, we now will all gather in the living room to listen to these stories instead of around a circle in the middle of camp. We use these kinds of storytelling means to our advantage by bringing as many sensory elements together as possible.

Sight and sound can affect your perception of reality. Your mind can be swayed into favoring the ideas of artists’ that has created it. Movies as a means of storytelling can be quite powerful and inspiring in this way.

How Have Movies Revolutionized the Entertainment Industry?

Movies have grown and adapted in many ways to our modern lifestyle. They use higher definition and quality to give us the best visual experience they can. The use of catchy music and instrumental tunes can grab hold of your emotions and bring you along for a ride within the story. Being able to use these innovative practices with modern technology has been the only change in the storytelling process. These techniques have the ability to pull the viewer in like they are the ones going through the experiences themselves.

How Have Movies Changed over the Years?

These new age movies that we see nowadays have more action and something constantly happening. With the advancements in technology and computer programming software, movies are thoroughly edited and go through a final review process using computers. Before, all we had was the camera. So if a director wanted to show a spaceship flying into the frame, they had to recreate a small-scale version to essentially trick the viewer. Now, they will have an artist create the images and movement of the desired picture. After using ‘movie magic‘ (more computer editing), the finished piece looks more realistic than anything we could have ever imagined. Using these tactics to trick your senses into fulling believing the story is what makes a movie great.

Best Movie Theaters for Entertainment

Why Are Films Emotionally Entertaining?

Humans are emotional creatures by nature. We do not have the ability to control the emotions we feel. Perhaps this is why movies are such a favored type of entertainment? They will use any, and all means to powerfully apply their themes, morals, and intent. Most movies are feel-good type films for the viewer to take away a positive moral from the story. Some films use the shock factor of outrageous scenarios that put a character through hard and arduous times or situations.

There are seven basic types of stories that are told.

Rags to Riches
Voyage and Return
Overcome the Monster
The Quest
and Tragedy

Our deep inner emotions are especially in tune to these seven plots in a compelling and instinctual way. We see these as some of the best and some of the saddest, most heart-wrenching tales. These all have to do with living and growing as people. They are relatable to us in some way. That is why we love cinema, and that is why entertainment will live on.

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January 26, 2017 10:59 am

Entertainment Technologies and How They Will Advance in 2017

How Has Entertainment Changed with Technology?

Best Entertainment Technology for the Modern AgeThroughout the last century, there have been so many technological breakthroughs that everything in our daily lives now revolves around some sort of tech. Before we had hours of entertainment at the touch of a button, we had just the basics. You could maybe listen to some music via live performance or maybe just play a board game. Well, they are called ‘bored’ games for a reason. Now, with the expansive growth of video games and online social media, there is always something to do to preoccupy your time. Rarely you will see someone sitting down reading a book with a cup of coffee. Now, it is more common to find someone sitting in a Starbucks and reading articles and blogs on their tablet. Isn’t that what you are doing right now?

How the World Wide Web Has Changed Entertainment?

One of the most life altering events in the last couple decades has been the invention of the internet and social sharing hubs. Websites like Facebook and Twitter are currently dominating the internet as the most popular sites for social media and entertainment. These kinds of sites have become increasingly popular throughout the last decade due to the invention of smartphones. Your smartphone is basically a high-powered miniature computer that fits in the palm of your hand. Being able to pull out your portable super-style computer has changed the way we share and grow as a society.

How Entertainment Conquered Reality?

Virtual reality is just now starting to become a tangible idea, instead of a sci-fi movie scenario. Television shows like the famous anime ‘Sword Art Online’ have fueled and inspired the industry into the real world. Technology like tablets and smartphones originally came from the ideas that were seen in TV shows like ‘Star Trek.’ All it took was someone thinking “Wouldn’t that be cool? I wonder if it is possible to recreate?”

Innovative Entertainment in 2017

How Does Entertainment Benefit Society?

The ability to have all the information you could possibly want at a moments notice has revolutionized the way we learn and grow. Even children in schools now use tablets for learning purposes and in some schools the use of a smartphone while doing research is encouraged. If you grew up as a Millennial like myself, the idea of teachers allowing phones during class was unthinkable. Let alone the encouragement to do so. With all this information at your disposal, there is no reason why you should ever be bored or not have something you could be doing. Learning and advancing your knowledge throughout your life has never been an easier endeavor.

Why Is Entertainment Important in Business?

Business owners now use forms of entertainment to promote productivity and reward excellent work. Also being able to outsource business across seas helps many new businesses to develop. Using the internet to communicate with out of country staff members has made this thought a reality. Sharing information and files with ease has brought businesses and online money making into a reality for those who utilize it to their advantage.

Entertainment technology has changed the world we live in, and it is only just begun.

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Good music choices for the gym

Hitting the gym can be a good thing. You can burn a lot of calories, and you can also tone your muscles. But what is the best way to get motivated for the workout? Some people say that it’s your coffee and pre-workout that can get your blood pumping. In …

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Healthy hobbies

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