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Entertainment Technologies and How They Will Advance in 2017

How Has Entertainment Changed with Technology?

Best Entertainment Technology for the Modern AgeThroughout the last century, there have been so many technological breakthroughs that everything in our daily lives now revolves around some sort of tech. Before we had hours of entertainment at the touch of a button, we had just the basics. You could maybe listen to some music via live performance or maybe just play a board game. Well, they are called ‘bored’ games for a reason. Now, with the expansive growth of video games and online social media, there is always something to do to preoccupy your time. Rarely you will see someone sitting down reading a book with a cup of coffee. Now, it is more common to find someone sitting in a Starbucks and reading articles and blogs on their tablet. Isn’t that what you are doing right now?

How the World Wide Web Has Changed Entertainment?

One of the most life altering events in the last couple decades has been the invention of the internet and social sharing hubs. Websites like Facebook and Twitter are currently dominating the internet as the most popular sites for social media and entertainment. These kinds of sites have become increasingly popular throughout the last decade due to the invention of smartphones. Your smartphone is basically a high-powered miniature computer that fits in the palm of your hand. Being able to pull out your portable super-style computer has changed the way we share and grow as a society.

How Entertainment Conquered Reality?

Virtual reality is just now starting to become a tangible idea, instead of a sci-fi movie scenario. Television shows like the famous anime ‘Sword Art Online’ have fueled and inspired the industry into the real world. Technology like tablets and smartphones originally came from the ideas that were seen in TV shows like ‘Star Trek.’ All it took was someone thinking “Wouldn’t that be cool? I wonder if it is possible to recreate?”

Innovative Entertainment in 2017

How Does Entertainment Benefit Society?

The ability to have all the information you could possibly want at a moments notice has revolutionized the way we learn and grow. Even children in schools now use tablets for learning purposes and in some schools the use of a smartphone while doing research is encouraged. If you grew up as a Millennial like myself, the idea of teachers allowing phones during class was unthinkable. Let alone the encouragement to do so. With all this information at your disposal, there is no reason why you should ever be bored or not have something you could be doing. Learning and advancing your knowledge throughout your life has never been an easier endeavor.

Why Is Entertainment Important in Business?

Business owners now use forms of entertainment to promote productivity and reward excellent work. Also being able to outsource business across seas helps many new businesses to develop. Using the internet to communicate with out of country staff members has made this thought a reality. Sharing information and files with ease has brought businesses and online money making into a reality for those who utilize it to their advantage.

Entertainment technology has changed the world we live in, and it is only just begun.

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