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The LED Shoe Craze

Have you seen some of those flashing shoes on the dance floor? Are they real?

If you are an adult in your late 20’s, you might have felt nostalgia seeing these shoes come back to like again. And if you belong to the younger generation, then you may want to try the fun of wearing these LED shoes.

What is a LED Shoe

LED shoes, also known as electric shoes or simply e-shoes is now trending in the shoe world today. But do you know that it is not new?

LED shoes, or light-up shoes as people used to call it back in the days, were the craze in the 90’s. Every kid has to have at least a pair of it which was sold at $50. It drew an attraction from the kids and soon, high school and junior high students start wearing them.

Unfortunately, the light-up shoes started its downfall when it was known to have high levels of mercury in its batteries making it unsafe to use. The people, especially the parent feared of the danger the light-up shoes can cause their children. Minnesota even banned the selling of the light-up shoes in their state. Despite the setback, sales still continued to be significantly high, until gradually it lost its face in the market.

Today, these light-up shoes came back in the market, and it gave a nostalgic feeling to adults today, who were kids then, seeing this lighted footwear. And with the many upgrades, these shoes have, who wouldn’t love it?

One Shoes, Different Color Options of Light

Unlike the old light-up shoes where there are only one or two light strobes on a pair of shoes, every pair of these footwears come in a variety of color options you can choose depending on your mood. You can wear it with yellow lights this week, and switch to blue lights on the next week.

Rechargeable Battery

You don’t have to worry about having your shoes lit up all night. The new LED shoes are powered by a rechargeable battery with a USB cable to easily charge it. Light up your bright footwear all throughout the night on the dance floor and charge it in the morning for the next party. The light-up shoes last for up to six hours and charges completely in only about 2.5 hours.

Other Features

Though not all brands of LED shoes offer these features, there are some which have light strobes and changing color strobes according to your setup. Some LED shoes are also operated through a mobile app. Lights, strobes, and other features are set up and turned on in the app. There are also some with a feature which strobes follow the beat of the music.


Unlike the light-up shoes in the 90’s, the LED shoes today are more fun, customized, and upgraded through technology. And it is mercury free, which makes it safe to use. Parents don’t need to worry about fitting these shoes to their kids. And adults who were kids when the light-up shoes were a craze love these new LED shoes even more.

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