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Films and Entertainment. What Makes Movies Great?

Story Telling as EntertainmentSince the dawn of time people have been telling stories as a form of entertainment and passing of knowledge. With the invention of the television, we now will all gather in the living room to listen to these stories instead of around a circle in the middle of camp. We use these kinds of storytelling means to our advantage by bringing as many sensory elements together as possible.

Sight and sound can affect your perception of reality. Your mind can be swayed into favoring the ideas of artists’ that has created it. Movies as a means of storytelling can be quite powerful and inspiring in this way.

How Have Movies Revolutionized the Entertainment Industry?

Movies have grown and adapted in many ways to our modern lifestyle. They use higher definition and quality to give us the best visual experience they can. The use of catchy music and instrumental tunes can grab hold of your emotions and bring you along for a ride within the story. Being able to use these innovative practices with modern technology has been the only change in the storytelling process. These techniques have the ability to pull the viewer in like they are the ones going through the experiences themselves.

How Have Movies Changed over the Years?

These new age movies that we see nowadays have more action and something constantly happening. With the advancements in technology and computer programming software, movies are thoroughly edited and go through a final review process using computers. Before, all we had was the camera. So if a director wanted to show a spaceship flying into the frame, they had to recreate a small-scale version to essentially trick the viewer. Now, they will have an artist create the images and movement of the desired picture. After using ‘movie magic‘ (more computer editing), the finished piece looks more realistic than anything we could have ever imagined. Using these tactics to trick your senses into fulling believing the story is what makes a movie great.

Best Movie Theaters for Entertainment

Why Are Films Emotionally Entertaining?

Humans are emotional creatures by nature. We do not have the ability to control the emotions we feel. Perhaps this is why movies are such a favored type of entertainment? They will use any, and all means to powerfully apply their themes, morals, and intent. Most movies are feel-good type films for the viewer to take away a positive moral from the story. Some films use the shock factor of outrageous scenarios that put a character through hard and arduous times or situations.

There are seven basic types of stories that are told.

Rags to Riches
Voyage and Return
Overcome the Monster
The Quest
and Tragedy

Our deep inner emotions are especially in tune to these seven plots in a compelling and instinctual way. We see these as some of the best and some of the saddest, most heart-wrenching tales. These all have to do with living and growing as people. They are relatable to us in some way. That is why we love cinema, and that is why entertainment will live on.

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